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Do you want to become a vlogger? Learn how to vlog correctly? Or Start a vlog on Youtube? If so, then you have come to the right place. Vlogging HQ was created to help you with all your vlogging needs. Being a vlogger is more than just holding a camera and talking into it. What camera should I buy? What video editing software is the best? What do I even talk about or what is a vlog?

Vloga blog where the postings are primarily in video form.

So, what this means is that a vlog is essentially you talking about whatever it is that you want to talk about, but you do it in video. Simple right? Well, not exactly simple, but not far from it either. Here at Vlogging HQ we have over 20 years of vlogging experience and have published more than 6,000 videos on Youtube. So what does that tell you about us – We know what we are talking about when it comes to vlogging.

Below are some different styles of vlogs. Each one has their own style, technique, and niche. Take a look at each one of these vloggers and see how their styles can benefit you.

Different Youtube Vlogging Styles

Casey Neistat

When it comes to vlogging I think Casey Neistat has the ultimate style. We will go into more about his style in a future blog post. Casey does a little bit of everything while vlogging. If you want to know about his life, his wife, kid, career, video production, flying the Phantom drone, editing videos, or anything else under the sun, then this is the channel for you. The biggest takeaway from Casey Neistat’s vlogging channel is that his style is odd and hard to get used to recording that way. Being that it is so odd, people love it.

Christian GuzmanChristian Guzman

Maybe fitness is your topic. If this is then Christian Guzman, owner of Alphalete has the perfect channel for that. He dives into everything fitness related, but also shows you what his life is like. He talks about what he eats, when he works out, his daily activities, and even what he has going on in his everyday life. This channel really has a bunch of everything, which is perfectly fine because the created grew the channel using this method, so his viewers actually respond to this.

Homemade Entrepreneur

Homemade Entrepreneur is a Youtube channel that concentrates on working from home. He teaches people different ways to make money online as well as documents some of his incomes. This is a great channel to use as a guide as it really does show you how to grow a channel inside the narrow niche that he is in.


IJustine is very similar to Casey Neistat, except for 2 big differences. IJustine is a girl and she cooks. Other than these 2 differences the channels are very much alike. Now, with that said you can get so many ideas from IJustine that you might not get from any of the above mentioned accounts. She uses multiple cameras and really edits her videos. The videos flow and are easy to follow. When it comes to flow, IJustine really knows what she is doing.

Roberto Blake

Do you want to know about web programming? What about video creation and Youtube? These along with a bunch of other things is what Roberto Blake talks about. He is also big on editing his videos just right to get the most professional looking video. Although he teaches quite a bit in his videos, he also adds in a lot of additional features that make the videos engaging and easy to watch.

The StradmanLamborghini Gallardo

Do you like cars? Well, this might just be the type of channel you want to create. The Stradman travels across the country and the world showing his viewers exotic cars, all while driving his own Lamborghini Gallardo.

As you can see, all of these vloggers have a different style. Some like to teach, others talk about their day, while others show a little bit of everything. As a vlogger you can talk about whatever it is that you feel like, but sticking to a topic is a must. Below are some tips on creating a quality vlog and I highly recommend you follow these.

Tips On Creating A Successful Vlog

Create Engaging Content

Something that we always like to do with our videos is make sure the viewer is engaged in what we are saying. This can be done in many different ways, but what we have found is that stating what the video is going to be about will give the audience more engagement up front. Don’t make the mistake of hoping all your viewers are going to watch your entire video and see what you have to say at the end. If the video is not engaging enough in the beginning, then the viewer will never see all the great content in the middle and at the end. Also, ask questions or ask for feedback about what you are doing. If you want more comments on your video, then questions and comments are a must.

Always Carry Your Camera

You wouldn’t think I need to say this, but I really do. You should always carry your vlogging camera no matter what. I carry around my phone all the time, my brother carries around a Canon g7x all the time, and my cousin carries around his Canon 70D. It doesn’t matter what you carry with you all the time, just make sure it can shoot video. You never know when something is about to happen that you want to film and if you don’t have a recording device with you then you can’t record it. So just remember, when you leave the house make sure a camera is with you.

Vlog Everything And Edit

Most people don’t do this, which is why they only have limited footage to use. What I highly recommend is that you vlog everything that you can and then edit it. The reason I say this is because you never know when something will be very valuable for your viewers. Maybe there is a funny moment that happens, maybe (but hopefully not) you get in a small vehicle accident and you want your viewers to see how it happened. These are things that might come up that you wish you could put in your video, but it will never happen if you weren’t recording in the first place.

Interact With Your Audience

Ask questions. Get viewers to tell you what they want to see. Be the person they see behind the camera, but ask like you are right there with them. What I see work really well when vlogging is when you interact with your audience. This might not seem like a big deal, but it is. When you can answer comments your viewers have they really like that. When they ask you to see a certain part of your life and then you show them that, they will love you even more. Just be interactive and I guarantee that your vlogging career will be much brighter.

Post Frequently

How many times per month should you be posting vlogs? Well, you need to post new vlogs multiple times per week. We have seen many people’s vlogs fail because they only post when they feel like it. Don’t do this, post once a day if you can. From experience and research, we have found out that posting a new vlog 2 times a day is the best for Youtube Channel growth. If your goal is to have a large Youtube following, then posting more frequently throughout the month is your best bet. The key is to make sure your subscribers/audience knows when you publish your vlogs so that they can be there to watch them as soon as they are published.

Have Your Own Style

I mentioned the different Youtube creators above to show you their different styles. It is important to have your own style and try to stick with it. By having your own style people will naturally like you or dislike you. It is easier for people to like you if they have a sense you are being real with them and not faking your style/videos.

Keep Videos Short

How short is a short video? Well, the most common video length for a vlog is actually 12 minutes long. This is a little long in our opinion, but it works well once you have an established channel. Established vlog doesn’t mean you have 1 million subscribers, it simply means you have a topic, you know what your audience likes, and you are getting consistent views. Being established will give you more credibility, which will keep viewers watching for a lot longer time. Don’t create a 40 minute vlog that talks about 20 different topics, if it is 40 minutes because it needs to be that long, then great, but don’t force it.

These are just some tips to create a successful vlog. Inside you will find even more tips, tricks, and guides to put you on the right path. Remember, vlogging should be fun and entertaining, but it can also be looked at as an income.

Best Vlogging Cameras

Canon 70D – $1,300   Canon 70D

The Canon 70D is truly amazing. This camera has interchangeable lenses, which makes shooting with it very fun. It has a flip out screen to make recording very easy. This DSLR camera also has a touch screen with one of the best auto-focus’ on the market today. This camera also has a side port so that you can connect an external microphone to, not to mention it has built in Wifi to make transferring files a breeze.

Canon G7 X – $650Canon G7X

If you want a middle of the line costing camera that does almost everything that Canon 70D will do, then the Canon G7X is the camera for you. This truly has everything that you will need when vlogging. The best part about the Canon G7 x is that it has a flip up screen. I refer to this camera as the best vlogging camera with a flip up screen.

Canon Powershot – $300Canon Powershot S120

We believe in the entire Canon Powershot line as they are built very strong. The most common Canon Powershot is the Powershot S120, although any of the Powershot line will work for vlogging. All the Powershots do not have a flip up screen though, so just know that you won’t be able to see yourself while filming.

Go Pro Hero 4 – $300Go Pro Hero 4

Do you want to shoot more action style vlogs? If you do then using a Go Pro Here 4 is the best option for you. The best part about the Go Pro Here 4 is that you can mount these to just about anything, you can purchase accessories to protect this underwater or in the hot sun, and they take very smooth video even through you could be moving around a lot. When on the run or cruising around in a car, the Go Pro Hero 4 is what you want to be using.

These are only a small amount of the vlogging cameras that you can use. There are literally hundreds of other cameras out there. Now that you have an idea of what kinds of cameras are out there and roughly how much they cost, let’s talk about your vlogging topic. There are millions of different topics that you can choose from, but below are some of the most popular vlogging ideas.

Popular Vlogging Ideas


Some of the most popular vlogs online revolve around travel. Whether vloggers are traveling to Europe, the United States, Africa, Australia, or anywhere else in the world, they vlog their travels. If you like to travel of want to travel, then get your trips on video. Decide what you want to record and start recording.


Workouts, dieting, sleep habits, cardio sessions, and goals are all things vloggers talk about when shooting fitness related videos. The best part about these fitness vloggers is that you don’t feel like you are simply learning, it is much more interactive and engaging.


Do you like to cook? Maybe you have some recipes that you want people to know about. Cook is something that I know I personally go to Youtube for. I am a terrible cook, so following along with somebody as we both prepare a meal is a great idea.


As I talk about with the Homemade Entrepreneur youtube channel, it is almost all about business. He teaches people how to make money as a reseller, how to pay off bills, dealing with licenses, and how to make money doing almost everything online. This is a business channel that you could start if there is something that you could teach your audience.


Taking a picture is not as easy as many people think it is, especially if you are using a DSLR camera. With each camera there are different features and functions, so teaching people how to use all those features and functions would be a good idea. Not only that you can teach them how to setup the perfect shot, and how to use Photoshop.


Do you like clothes? Do you have an eye for the next big fashion trend? Maybe you just want to show off your style and clothes that you make? Being a fashion vlogger is great for people like are into that. Something that I have seen a lot lately with fashion vloggers is they take their cameras into a mall and try to find the most stylish outfit while staying under a specific budget. This could be something that you would want to do.


How to put on makeup, what kinds of eye liner you should be using, how to properly condition your hair or color it, and dealing with dry skin. These are all great topics that you could talk about when running a beauty vlog. The best part about a beauty vlog is there are millions of different products out there that you could try.


This is a topic that most vloggers put into their videos no matter what as it is natural. When you are talking into a camera on a daily or weekly basis it is just a matter of time before you show more of your life. I don’t recommend talking about life in general all the time, but this is a perfect mix to blend with another one of the ideas.

I am sure you can figure out which vlogging idea is best for you. Determine this based on what your interests are, what you do on a daily basis, who your friends are, and what makes you happy. Vlogging is meant to be fun, so choose a topic that will be fun for you.

I know you are ready to start vlogging, so I am not going to hold you up any longer. Take some time and browse Vlogging HQ to see all that we have to offer because I guarantee you that a few minutes on our site will educate you on vlogging more than any other site around.