Beginners Guide To Vlogging

Vlogging has become more and more popular over the years. I remember back in 2009 when vlogging was looked at as some kind of silly act. Why would anybody want to record themselves doing things? It just didn’t make sense to many people, but now, this has become a trend.

Inside this guide I am not going to give you a bunch of information that you can’t use, I want this to provide you with some real value. Whether your goal with vlogging is to create an income, put your life out into the public’s eye, or just to capture your life as it happens, I will teach you some tips, techniques, and methods to make all this possible.

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Before we go any further I want to tell you a little bit about how I got started with vlogging.

I started back in 2009 and was very shy, I would only record inside my house. Things went well and I started getting a little bit of traffic, my subscribers were growing and my income was slowly climbing. After posting a couple videos a week for almost 3 years I started to see a decent income. I remember it was March 2012 where I earned my first $10,000 in a single month from YouTube.

Currently I run 18 different YouTube Channels, all of which bring in a little bit of money each month. My entire goal with YouTube was not only to chronical my life, but to have fun doing it and be different along the way.

Let me show you how you can do that too!

Ok, so let’s jump into it, shall we?

I am pretty sure you have already done this, but if you have not started your YouTube vlog, then you should do so now. Here is a short guide on how to start a vlog.

Now, vlogging is something that you will be better at over time. My first vlog was very choppy, I didn’t have a storyline that I was following, my camera angles were all over the place, and the worst part about the whole thing is that I didn’t have enough footage to make the video pop.

It is because of my lack of knowledge at vlogging that I started to do daily vlogging in order to perfect my craft. Here are some tips to become a daily vlogger. One thing that you will notice as you continue to vlog is that every shot that you take, you will be able to create something even more unique the more you utilize those similar techniques.

Now, no technique alone will give you quality video footage, you need a quality camera to help you with that. Here is a video that I did recently on The Best Vlogging Camera For YouTube.

Here are the cameras that I highly recommend for you.

Canon 70D –

Canon G7x Mark II –

Sony A7s –

Sony Rx100 Mark IV –

GoPro HERO 4 –

I just want you to know that you don’t need the best of the best equipment. When I first started shooting videos I was using a cheap point and shoot camera. The camera worked to get the shots, but as I developed as a YouTuber I began to invest back into my business and myself. This is what I highly recommend for you as well.

Now that you know a little bit more about what kind of cameras might work for you, let’s discuss some things that you could vlog and why it works to get views and subscribers. You can also watch this video on How To Get YouTube Subscribers Fast.

What Should I Vlog About And Why


So many people vlog about their travels and that is a great idea. The nice thing about vlogging while you travel is that all your videos will look different. Just because you have a different idea for every video doesn’t mean it will look different, what normally happens is all the videos feel the same because you are filming in the same location, talking about similar thins, or doing the same stuff over and over again. By vlogging about places you visit you can talk about the new adventures you go on, what sights there are to see, and even the costs associated with the trip. Just be different when it comes to vlogging about your travels because that is what most people like to see.

Unique Activities

About a year ago I watched a video about a guy who would train snakes. This channel was not very exciting, but it was unique, that is what kept me and over 1 million other viewers hooked. My point here is that recording yourself doing unique activities is a great way to build an audience. People like to see things that they can’t do, so why not show them these unique activities. It is just like people who are not big fans of heights watching hours and hours of skydiving videos. Its crazy, but this is how the human brain works.

Daily Life

There are a few vloggers that come to mind in regards to vlogging daily lives. The first person is Roman Atwood and the second is Christian Guzman. Both of these vloggers do their videos differently, but they are showing you their entire days. Yes, Roman Atwood is a much bigger vlogger, than Guzman, but the fact that no matter the size they can still do the same type of videos. The key with doing a daily life type of video is to incorporate as much of your actual life as possible. Just because you are doing something that isn’t as interested doesn’t mean you don’t put it in the video, just make it a very short clip and then move on.

Business Activities

The amount of business channels out there are huge, but the amount that actually show you ways to run a business and what to do are very limited. Three of my favorite YouTube channels to watch are Gary Vaynerchuk, Homemade Entrepreneur, and Grant Cardone. If you don’t follow these guys, then you are probably missing out on making it big in business. Something that I strongly suggest when it comes to talking about business is to make sure your audience wants to know about business. Don’t mix cooking and workout videos with your business videos. What will happen is your subscribers won’t like the variety and probably unsubscribe to you.


Have you ever wanted to cook something new, but didn’t know how? These are the places people go and literally watch hours of content in order to make the perfect meal. The reason why this is a good idea to vlog on is because when you provide great content the viewers keep coming back. There is always something else that you can cook, so your subscribers keep growing and your views go with it. Just know that vlogging about cooking can become difficult if you are not always learning new recipes, so be on the hunt for new recipes all the time.

YouTube Challenges

If you are not sure what a YouTube challenge is then this might not be for your, however, I did put a short list together of a bunch of YouTube challenges that you can do, so check it out. The best part about YouTube challenges is that if your video is funny and entertaining then it could go viral very quickly. When a video goes viral you will get thousands of subscribers very quickly, the views keep going up, and you make a good amount in the meantime. One tip that I have for anybody that makes YouTube challenge videos is to use multiple cameras so that you have different angles you can turn to.


If you are into health and fitness, then maybe showing workout videos will be more your thing. One thing I would recommend is that you find a gym that allows filming though. I say this because in one of my channels I talk all about health and fitness, but I have to use a very small gym because all the bigger ones don’t allow me to record. The reason why workout videos work really well for vlogging is because people like to see actual workouts and how to do them as opposed to just being told what to do. Trust me, the health and fitness industry is filled with YouTubers, but there is always room for another quality one.


As you can see, there are a lot of things that you could potentially vlog, but there are also a lot of things that I didn’t even mention. One thing that I recommend is that you mix it up a little bit. If you want to become a How To Channel, then create more How To style videos. If you want to become a fitness Channel, then create content based solely around fitness. As a vlogger you should create a bunch of different types of content, but have a similar style within the video and always keep your end goals in mind. If you can be consistent both with the uploads and the types of content, then you will see your channel growth explode in no time at all.

Now, I know that this was not an all-inclusive guide to vlogging, but it should give you a good understanding of where to start and what to vlog about. If you are still not sure what to do then comment below and we will do our best to ensure you get off to a fast start.