Best Shotgun Microphone For Vlogging

Choosing the best shotgun microphone for vlogging is what everybody is after, but do you know why you should use a shotgun mic? Most vloggers are only using a shotgun microphone because they see so many other people using them, but there is actually a reason behind this.

The main reason vloggers use a shotgun microphone is because it only picks up noise that is in front of it, not all around. When you are out and about it doesn’t make sense to have a microphone that will pick up all the noise around you. Being that audio is 50% of your video, it makes sense to have the best audio that you can, that is why a quality shotgun mic is so important.

So, what is the best shotgun microphone for vlogging? The first thing you need to understand is that I don’t recommend going with any shotgun mic that is less than $80. I say this because once you get mics cheaper than that the biggest problem you will face is that they still pick up unwanted noise from all around you. Although this can be fixed in post-production, it does take more time that you need to spend on it. Do yourself a favor and only buy one of the following shotgun mics.

Please note that all of these microphones only work on cameras with external audio inputs. These would include most newer DSLR and mirrorless cameras. If you don’t yet have a quality camera, then check out the best vlogging cameras here.

Best Shotgun Microphone For Vlogging

Rode Video Mic Go

This is personally my favorite shotgun microphone for vlogging. I say this because this is the best microphone for the money, you don’t have to worry about the battery dying since it is powered by your camera, and it cuts down on surrounding noise better than anything else I have ever tried. When it comes to the best bang for your buck, the Rode Video Mic Go is what I recommend.

Rode Video Mic Pro

The Rode Video Mic Pro is just as good as the Video Mic Go. There are a couple main differences between the two microphones. The first main difference is that the Rode Video Mic Pro is powered by an internal 9v battery. What this means is that you won’t take any of the battery from your camera. Another huge difference is that on the Rode Video Mic Pro you have the ability to adjust some of the audio settings. This is great because you can change the settings depending on how close or far away you are.

Shure VP83 Lenshopper

The Shure VP83 Lenshopper is most famous for being used by YouTuber Casey Neistat. The reason he uses this microhphone is because it is just as good as the Rode Video Mic Pro, except it is smaller. If you are looking for a quality vlogging microphone then you can’t go wrong here.

As you can see, there are many different shutgun microphones out there, but not all of them will be great for vlogging. As I said earlier, if you want the best shotgun microphone for vlogging then you need to spend at least $80 or more. By doing this you will ensure yourself that your videos not only look good, but the audio is of the highest quality as well.

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