The Best Tripods Under $100

If you are a vlogger, then you need one of the best tripods available, but don’t think that you need to spend a massive amount of money to get this. From my own experience I can tell you that you can find a great tripod and in most cases you can get the best tripods under $100.

What To Look For In A Vlogging Tripod

Weight: How heavy is the tripod that you are thinking about buying? I ask this because if you are a vlogger and you are traveling with the tripod, will it be too heavy to make it worth it? What I like to look for is a quality tripod that can be taken almost anywhere, but also one that isn’t going to fold on me when I use my larger cameras. The problem you will face here is that you might need 2 different tripods in order to get the best out of both worlds.

Height: How tall will the tripod extend to? This is important because if you are always standing and doing shots on the go, then you don’t have the option to balance a small tripod on a chair, table, or something else. If it is only you and your gear then you want to make sure your tripod will extend to as high as you need it to.

Head: What kind of head is on the tripod? There are two different types of tripod heads, ball head and pan/tilt head. Both of these will work for the novice vlogger, but as you progress you might want one over the other. Both of these have their benefits. The ball head is very smooth, but you need to understand how to do the movements in order to make them look professional and smooth. The pan and tilt head is great for new vloggers because the lines that you create from panning or tilting are easier to maintain.

Versatility: Can your tripod do more than one thing? Does the tripod that you are thinking about buying extend to a decent height or is it very small and can only be used on minimal occasions? The versatility of a vlogging tripod is important to note because the more it can do the better off you will be. Not only that but if you have a tripod that will do it all then you don’t have to bother buying more than one.

These are the most important things you should be considering when it comes to finding the best tripod under $100. The more your vlogging tripod can do the better off you will be as a vlogger.

The Best Tripods Under $100

Joby Gorillapod

When it comes to versatility, size, ease of use, and price I must mention the Joby Gorillapod. In my opinion this is by far the best tripod under $100. This may not be the best DSRL tripod depending on what kind of lens you are using because they don’t hold a lot of weight, but they work well with lighter DSLR cameras as well as mirrorless and point-and-shoot cameras. I really like the Joby Gorillapod because of how easy it is to hold and as a vlogger this is probably the best travel tripod I have ever used.

SlikPro 340DX Tripod

In regards to the best tripod for video, the SlikPro 340DX Tripod is probably just that. The reason I say this is the best tripod for video is because it has the 3 way pan head tilt so that your movements are very smooth and easy. When you don’t have the 3 way pan head tilt and you are operating on the ball you will find that your movements are easy, but you struggle to keep the lines straight. This is something that you won’t have a problem with when using the SlikPro Tripod. Just know that every tripod out there has it’s purpose and in my opinion this is the best DSRL tripod because of it’s size and durability.

AmazonBasics 52-Inch Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod

As far as lightweight travel tripods go, this is probably one of the best ones on the market today. The best part about this AmazonBasics tripod is the fact that it can extend to make recording easier. This tripod can go from a small travel tripod to something more stable in seconds. The only fault that I have with any carbon fiber tripods is that they are lighter, which means they are not as stable as an aluminum tripod.

Zomei Q111 55-Inch Flexible Tripod

When it comes to an all around versatile tripod this is the one that I highly recommend. The best part about he Zomei Flexible Tripod is that it ranges in size so that you can use it on a table, place it on the ground, and even carry it. If you are not exactly sure what you will be using the tripod for then this might be the best one for you.

As you can see there are many different styles of tripods that you can get. What I strongly recommend before anything is that you determine what kinds of shots you take the most. If you are always inside and you need your camera to be stationary the majority of the time, then a full-size tripod might be the best option. If you are always on the go and don’t have much time to do setups, then the Joby Gorillapod might be the best option for you.

This decision that you make will make your life as a vlogger easier or harder, so make your decisions wisely. Just remember, finding the best tripod under $100 isn’t impossible, but it will take some time from you to evaluate all the different features the tripod has to offer.

Best GoPro Stabilizer For Incredibly Smooth Video

As newer GoPro’s come on the market more and more people are using them. As more people use them they realize that their footage is not as smooth as they would like it to be. It is because of this that I want to share with you my opinion as to which is the best GoPro Stabilizer on the market today.

There are many options when it comes to GoPro stabilizers, so I will cover a couple different kinds. One thing that you need to understand though is that you don’t need a stabilizer for GoPro footage, if you bend your knees, hold the camera as steady as possible, and do some minor editing then the shots should come out looking crisp as well, it just takes more time.

Ok, so below are some of the best GoPro stabilizers. Feel free to look into each one a little more, check them out on Amazon, and even watch reviews of their products on YouTube. Whatever you do though, make sure you utilize the proper shooting techniques with any equipment that you do buy because this is how to really get your shots to stand out.

Best GoPro Stabilizers

GoPro Stabilizer Mount

The GoPro stabilizer mounts are great for every person using a GoPro. The best part about these mounts is that they can attach to just about anything. If you are a skateboarder, surfer, biker, driver, or even just a cook, you can attach a GoPro stabilizer mount to anything. My recommendation to you is to find a mount that will work in more than once situation and have many of them.

GoPro Stabilizer Handle

My favorite GoPro stabilizer handle is the Roxant Pro Stabilizer. The reason I like this stabilizer the best is because it is lightweight, it is not expensive, and it can be used on any GoPro camera or light camera. I have actually used this stabilizer handle for my Sony RX100 IV and Canon G7X II. This Roxant Pro Stabilizer is great for any camera under 2.1 pounds. If you are looking for the best GoPro stabilizer handle on the market, then this is by far better than anything else out there that I have personally tried.

GoPro Stabilizer Gimbal

My favorite GoPro stabilizer gimbal is the Feiyu Tech G4-QD. This is one of the best stabilizing gimbals that I have ever used for any type of camera. The GoPro is very small, so having a stabilizing gimbal is a must to avoid all the shakiness from your hands. One thing I would recommend is that you find a gimbal that works for you, so make sure you can charge it, the features work with what you are doing, and that is it comfortable to hold.

GoPro Stabilizer Stick

A GoPro stabilizer stick is a tool that I always keep on me at all times. The reason I like to have this item with me all the time is because they are great to have to give you more depth in your shots, give your shots a different angle, and give you extra room to hold onto the camera. What most people don’t realize is that a stabilizer stick is not just used for selfie type shots, they are great for shooting all the time. Here are a bunch of different stabilizer sticks for the GoPro. One that I recommend is the Joby Gorillapod, but this is not a must if you don’t plan on ever putting the camera down.

As you can see, there are a lot of different options out there for you when it comes to choosing the best stabilizer for what you are shooting. As I mentioned above, whether you are holding the GoPro or mounting it onto something will matter. Why? Because you can’t mount a camera and hope that the footage looks good, especially if you are doing a once in a lifetime type of stunt or activity.

Trust me, having the best GoPro stabilizer is a must for anybody that does YouTube videos with a GoPro.

Best Video Camera For Kids

When it comes to choosing the best video camera for kids there are many things that you need to think about. Below I am going to give you some tips on choosing the best video camera for your child and my recommendations.

Tips On Choosing The Best Video Camera For Kids

Start Small – When I say start small I really mean it. Sometimes the smallest cameras give your child the ability to record videos in many more places. When you have a large camera they will most likely feel like people are looking at them. Whether they are recording at home or in public, the less people that watch them as they record, the better.

Don’t Overdo It – What many parents do, including myself, is we want the best for our child. It is because of this that we try to buy our children the best camera that they can get. Sometimes this is not what is best for your kid. What I suggest is that you don’t overdo it and just find something that would work as a good starter camera. The more they use that camera the better they will become at recording and at some point they can opt for something with more features and better quality.

What Will Your Child Use It For – Do you know what your child is going to record with their camera? I ask because every kid has their own style and hobbies. What you need to understand is that if your child is going to record something in water, then make sure the camera is waterproof. If your child wants to record stuff on their bike, then make sure the camera has attachments to connect it to their bike. Just make sure the camera suits your child’s needs.

Is This A First Camera – If this is your child’s first camera and your child hasn’t yet started a vlog, then I recommend you start with something basic. I only say this because you want to make sure that your child actually wants to record themselves vlogging. So many people see their favorite YouTuber’s online and want to do exactly what they are doing but that doesn’t always pan out. Take it slow and make sure your kid loves daily vlogging before you get them the top of the line gear.

Ok, so now you should have some kind of idea as to what you want, so lets dive into some of the best video cameras in my opinion. I have 2 children that do vlogs, my 8 year old child vlogs with a Canon g7X Mark II and my 3 year old does videos on his Vtech Kidizoom Actioncam. I mention this because I know what it is like to have kids that want to vlog, but might not understand exactly how to use the equipment that they are given.

Best Video Camera For Kids

Vtech Kidizoom Duo Camera

The Vtech Kidizoom Duo is probably the best toy video camera on the market today. The camera quality is decent, but the price is unmatched. At less than $40 for a new camera it is a great starter camera for any child. So many people will try to tell you that you need the most expensive video camera around, but the truth is that there are some affordable video cameras like this one that work just as well.

Vtech Kidizoom Actioncam

If you are looking for a waterproof camera for your child, then this camera is a great option. The best part about this durable video camera is that you can take it out of its protective case and attach it to different housings. What children love about the Vtech Kidizoom Actioncam is the fact that it is small and still takes good video. The sound quality on this camera is not the best, but for a child who is just getting started on YouTube, this is a great option. This camera runs around $50 new, so it isn’t the cheapest one on the market, but it is also far from being expensive.

Olympus TG-870

Out of all the video cameras that I am going to show you here, this is by far the most expensive. This camera will run you around $250, but it is a beast. One of the best parts about this camera is that it was built to be tossed around, which makes it the perfect video camera for kids. What most parents like about this camera is that it is waterproof as well as shockproof. What children love about this video camera is that it has a flip up screen so they can see what they are actually recording. When it comes to video quality and durability this is by far one of the best kids video cameras.

Cymas Full HD 1080P

A lot of children want the GoPro type camera. However, an actual GoPro can set you back hundreds of dollars. My recommendation is to get a decent GoPro alternative and start from there. The Cymas full HD camera is a great option for any child looking for a more quality image as well as the additional features of it being waterproof and shockproof. As long as you have the appropriate cases for this camera then you will be just fine.

As you can see there are a lot of different options out there for your child. If you are just wanting a video camera so that your child can use it around the house then you don’t need the durability and ruggedness of some of the ones above. What most people don’t realize is that every camera has a person it is best suited for and that all depends on what they will use it for and how much. Trust me, when choosing a kids video camera you can’t be too cautious because you don’t want to pay for something that will be broken within the week.

Take your time reading this short guide on the best video cameras for kids and make sure you choose the right one. I know your child will be bugging you to get them the top of the line camera like Casey Neistat uses, but you don’t have to. You can even click the link here to see all the different cameras on Amazon.

Best Shotgun Microphone For Vlogging

Choosing the best shotgun microphone for vlogging is what everybody is after, but do you know why you should use a shotgun mic? Most vloggers are only using a shotgun microphone because they see so many other people using them, but there is actually a reason behind this.

The main reason vloggers use a shotgun microphone is because it only picks up noise that is in front of it, not all around. When you are out and about it doesn’t make sense to have a microphone that will pick up all the noise around you. Being that audio is 50% of your video, it makes sense to have the best audio that you can, that is why a quality shotgun mic is so important.

So, what is the best shotgun microphone for vlogging? The first thing you need to understand is that I don’t recommend going with any shotgun mic that is less than $80. I say this because once you get mics cheaper than that the biggest problem you will face is that they still pick up unwanted noise from all around you. Although this can be fixed in post-production, it does take more time that you need to spend on it. Do yourself a favor and only buy one of the following shotgun mics.

Please note that all of these microphones only work on cameras with external audio inputs. These would include most newer DSLR and mirrorless cameras. If you don’t yet have a quality camera, then check out the best vlogging cameras here.

Best Shotgun Microphone For Vlogging

Rode Video Mic Go

This is personally my favorite shotgun microphone for vlogging. I say this because this is the best microphone for the money, you don’t have to worry about the battery dying since it is powered by your camera, and it cuts down on surrounding noise better than anything else I have ever tried. When it comes to the best bang for your buck, the Rode Video Mic Go is what I recommend.

Rode Video Mic Pro

The Rode Video Mic Pro is just as good as the Video Mic Go. There are a couple main differences between the two microphones. The first main difference is that the Rode Video Mic Pro is powered by an internal 9v battery. What this means is that you won’t take any of the battery from your camera. Another huge difference is that on the Rode Video Mic Pro you have the ability to adjust some of the audio settings. This is great because you can change the settings depending on how close or far away you are.

Shure VP83 Lenshopper

The Shure VP83 Lenshopper is most famous for being used by YouTuber Casey Neistat. The reason he uses this microhphone is because it is just as good as the Rode Video Mic Pro, except it is smaller. If you are looking for a quality vlogging microphone then you can’t go wrong here.

As you can see, there are many different shutgun microphones out there, but not all of them will be great for vlogging. As I said earlier, if you want the best shotgun microphone for vlogging then you need to spend at least $80 or more. By doing this you will ensure yourself that your videos not only look good, but the audio is of the highest quality as well.

Casey Neistat Camera Gear Setup

As a vlogger everybody wants to know the Casey Neistat camera gear setup and I am going to show you that right here. Casey Neistat is one of the biggest and most famous YouTubers today. He has a specific style to his vlogs that makes people want more.

Let me explain.

Casey Neistat Vlogs

The way Casey vlogs is pretty simple, he is very raw, but he adds a lot of character to his videos. One of the things that most people know Casey from is his video style of skate boarding through the streets of New York while he vlogs. He weaves in and out of traffic, through stop signs and stop lights, and all while doing it without a helmet.

Another one of Casey Neistats trademarks is the way he opens up packages and tosses his camera gear around. He is very rough on all of his gear, but as he states, “Its more important to get the shot than it is to protect his equipment”. Ok, so now lets talk about what camera gear Casey Neistat uses.

Casey Neistat Camera Gear

Cameras And Lenses

Canon 80D – Main Camera

Casey Neistat uses the Canon 80d as his main shooting camera. The reason why he likes the Canon 80d is because it has a flip screen, the autofocus is far better than any other camera on the market, the camera is somewhat smaller than other comparable cameras, it has an external microphone port, and it is easy to use.

Canon Ef-S 10-22MM Lens

The main lens that Neistat uses is the Canon Ef-S 10-22mm lens. He like this lens as it gives him the ability to zoom in a little further than his second favorite lens and it has image stabilization.

Canon Ef-S 10-18MM Lens

When it comes to getting ultrawide angle shots this is the lens that Casey uses. He prefers this lens when he is traveling on planes, in cars, doing time lapses, and just walking. The reason this lens is better than most other lenses is because it shows much more of the background, which provides more dimension to his videos and is easier on the eyes.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

The Canon EOS 5D Mark III is one of Casey’s most expensive cameras, but he doesn’t like this one as much. This camera is much bigger than his Canon 70D and the autofocus on it isn’t far superior to it. With very little to gain from this bigger camera he mainly uses this for slow motion shots, time lapses, and more professional style vlogs.

DJI Phantom 4

The DJI Phantom 4 is big and bulky, but it offers some of the best video of any drone on the market. If you want to be like Casey Neistat and offer aerial shots then this camera is a must. One piece of advice is to have additional batteries though as the battery life is only about 23 minutes long.

DJI Mavic Pro

This is the second of the 2 drones that Neistat prefers. When it comes to Casey Neistats camera gear this is by far one of his favorite devices. The reason Casey likes the DJI Mavic Pro is because it is easy to stuff in a backpack and be on the way. This drone doesn’t have the quality of camera that the DJI Phantom 4 does, but to the average viewer you would never know the difference.

Gopro HERO 4

Casey Neistat recently tried the GoPro HERO 5, but was not as impressed with it as he had hoped. It is because of this that he is sticking with his GoPro HERO 4.

Samsung Gear 360

The Samsung Gear 360 is one of the best 360 degree cameras on the market today. The best part about the camera is that it is easy to use that even the most novice vlogger can capture their videos in 360.

Other Vlogging Accessories

Shure VP83 Lenshopper

When it comes to microphones Case Neistat prefers something that is very directional. This Shure VP83 eliminates a lot of the noise around the microphone, but keeps sound in the direction that it is pointing. This is what makes this the perfect microphone for any vlogger.

Joby Gorillapod

Casey made the Joby Gorillapod famous among vloggers. The best part about the Gorillapod is that you can use it as a selfie stick or you can pop the legs apart and use it as a regular tripod. Not to mention that this tripod allows you to wrap it’s legs around poles, trees, and any other objects.

Apple Macbook Pro 13.3

For Casey’s computer of choice, he uses his Apple Macbook Pro 13.3 with Final Cut Pro X for his editing software. Both of these are great for any editing, but for most his computer setup is more than you would ever need.

As you can see, Casey Neistats camera gear consists of many different parts. Casey has explained in his guide to filmmaking that you don’t need the most expensive camera or equipment to make quality videos. He has made some of his most watched videos using cameras that only cost a few hundred dollars. Now, if you have the budget to buy a better camera then he highly recommends doing so as it will show in your filmmaking.

Ok, so now that you know what camera gear Casey Neistat uses hopefully you can start making high quality vlogs today. Have fun and as always, record everything and edit out what you don’t need.